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If you run your own business, our specialised marketing services could be the platform you need to reach a whole new level.

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Sometimes the traditional forms of marketing might not be the most effective way to reach your particular target audience.

Depending on your industry, there may be more unique options available to you in order to bring in new prospects.

Some of these services may not be the first to spring to mind, but a consultation session with us could reveal new options for your business.

Below are just a few ideas that you could use to boost your prospects in particular industries.

Specialist Services

Tailored to your needs


Specialised campaigns

The idea of legal clinics isn’t a new one, but often solicitors don’t have the time to attend them themselves. It also becomes difficult to expand into new locations, as most clinics are held at the firm’s offices for convenience.

Honeyburst has qualified legal specialists, with experience in planning and running legal clinics of all types, allowing your solicitors to work in the office, whilst still generating new claims for targeted campaigns in new locations.

Making it engaging

There’s an art to legal copywriting. Depending on the practice area, it can be tough to write important content in a way that’s engaging for your audience.

Our qualified legal copywriters can take the most complex legal matters and write them in a way that any layperson can read and understand, and more importantly, understand how it relates to them and what you can do as a firm.



Staying one step ahead

Knowing what your competition is up to could give you the edge in your industry. Couple this with a constant feed of developments in your area and you have a recipe for a head-start over everyone else.

On a biweekly or monthly basis, you can have reports delivered to you with information regarding what your competition is up to, as well as developments in your industry and local geographic area, giving you inspiration for your next business move.

Tailored & bespoke

Nothing can replace sitting down over a coffee and discussing your business goals and needs.

Although the services on our website will give you an idea of what we can offer, there may be other, more tailored services we can provide that fit your goals perfectly. Call or email us for a free coffee!