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Let's Collaborate and Grow Together

If you run your own business, our specialised marketing services could be the platform you need to reach a whole new level.

This is

our vision

Growing your business shouldn’t be an uphill battle, and marketing your products or services shouldn’t be complicated. Services that you retain and pay for, shouldn’t be performed behind closed doors.

We think that when it comes to marketing, less is more – we won’t overcomplicate things, and we focus on your business objectives, and the most cost-effective way to reach those goals.


No two businesses are the same, so we don’t pretend that they are. Let’s sit down over a coffee and discuss what you want to achieve, and what we can do to push you towards that.


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Who We Are

I founded Honeyburst Marketing on the back of developing a leading UK Legal News website for law students after the completion of my undergraduate LLB and during my postgraduate LLM. When undertaking marketing services for clients, it was so apparent that previous marketing options came with real ‘smoke and mirrors’ elements, making the whole process unpleasant and ineffective.

I wanted to create a service for professional businesses and individuals which removed all the hurdles commonly found within marketing their businesses. No office politics, no lack of communication, and certainly no paying for things you don’t need.

Aaron Clegg – Managing Director

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About us

Honeyburst Marketing is a Manchester-based specialised marketing firm. We offer bespoke services tailored specifically to your industry, as well as more traditional styles of marketing.

We have three main philosophies in business: Save you time, grow your business, and keep it simple.

We understand that it might not always be possible to work together regularly in person, but where possible, we believe in face-to-face interaction – it allows us to better learn your goals, how you work, and of course, builds a better business relationship. You won’t find us hiding behind emails.

In line with our business beliefs, we ensure that each of our clients has one key contact who looks after their account, and carries out the majority of the work where possible. This means no more chasing people up, no passing the buck, just straightforward business.

Because our whole business is founded on solid relationships with our clients, we’ll never charge you for anything you don’t need. We’re constantly evaluating the services we provide to our clients, and looking to tailor them to a perfect fit. If at first you do need a particular service, but it later becomes apparent that you don’t need it, we’ll take it out of the agreement and won’t charge you for it.

It’s just good, common sense business.