SEO trends tried and tested in 2018

Latest SEO trends of 2018

For a business of any size, it’s vital to be aware of the latest SEO trends to keep your foot in front of the competition. SEO strategies should be implemented on your website, blogs, and social media pages. This will help your business to rank higher in both Google, and other SERP’s (search engine results pages). Consequently, more potential clients and consumers will notice your business and use your products and services.

Once you are comfortable with SEO techniques, the next step is to keep up with the latest trends. Search engines frequently alter what they are looking for in terms of rankings, so ensure to continually evolve your strategy.

The latest trends are outlined below:

Voice Search

Voice search adjusts the way in which you may want to write your content. For Google, the top content will lean more towards a conversational tone, answering the searchers question as directly as possible. The method of shaping an article solely based on a specific key word ceases to be as important as it once was. Therefore, you may want to consider writing content for searcher intent. Think about your target audience and the form of questions they may ask. Search engines can understand context, so content that provides an answer to a question, and contains the relevant information will rank the highest.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL certificates are readily available, and, depending on the level of security required, they range in price from free to over £800.

Image of an SSL certificate, important for SEOJust recently, Google announced there would be an impact on websites that are not secure – pushing them further down the SERP rankings. As you may have noticed, Google are now flagging websites without SSL’s as potentially unsafe. This can be damaging for customer engagement and clicks, due to consumers becoming wary about the safety of their information. Therefore, it is worth obtaining an SSL certificate if you’d like to enhance your search engine rankings.

Video SEO

Last year, Cisco conducted a research project into consumer internet traffic, and found that by 2021, video content will account for 82% of all consumer clicks. This means that the power of optimised videos will take a sharp upturn in the next few years, so make sure your business is ahead of the game by building up your video portfolio as soon as possible. Additionally, YouTube sees the second most searches in the world, following Google. Therefore, YouTube is a brilliant platform to advertise your brand, and, as mentioned earlier, answer your customers’ questions.

Social Media

Many businesses underestimate the power and influence that social media has in the modern day.

Social media image, forming the cornerstone of your SEO strategy

Google, and other search engines alike, are adding more weight to content engagement across sites such as Facebook and Twitter, thus causing likes, shares, and retweets to be more central to your business than ever before.

Having an ever-present social media strategy in place, whereby you’re posting appealing content will aid towards boosting consumer engagement, and your online presence overall.

Other trends to consider:

  • Monitoring your website’s speed (Google has announced this as a ranking factor);

  • having a responsive website (Smartphone traffic is set to exceed PC traffic by 2021);

  • the length of your content; articles over words are seeing more engagement than they previously were; and

  • keeping track of expanded SERP features on Google.

While Google makes it near impossible to completely solve its page ranking algorithm code, constantly adjusting to the latest emerging trends will help you in your pursuit of shooting up the SERP rankings.


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