Offline vs Online Marketing

Which is best for your business?

Offline vs Online Marketing

Considering that online marketing is relatively new when compared to the more traditional marketing channels, it has now become an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. Online marketing channels are, for the most part, cost effective and will help you reach a variety of audiences. Consumers are now sceptical about any old advertisements they see, with many taking to the internet to do their research, thus making it vital to have some online presence.

Offline Marketing

Options – Offline marketing channels do not always require the consumer to have the ability to use the internet, and therefore are important not to be missed when targeting older generations. Ways to reach out to consumers offline include; Print (such as leaflets and billboards), direct mail, advertisement in local/national newspapers etc.

Customer experience – Through face-to-face interaction, you can have a more genuine relationship with your consumer. This is important when your business is centred around providing a personal service or high value transactions are involved. Never underestimate how much customers appreciate a personal touch, it generates respect and credibility within your brand.

Networking – There’s no harm in going to local networking and conferencing events. If you can put your name and brand out there at a local conference you can guarantee it will be seen by other businesses, suppliers and potential clients. For start-ups, this is one of the first things you should be looking to do. Build relationships in your field and your business will be remembered for the long-term.

Online Marketing

Adaptability – It is easy to follow online marketing trends and tailor your strategy accordingly. What google looks for in terms of SEO has changed in the last couple of years and so can easily adjust your Blogs accordingly. Online marketing campaigns can be adjusted when a new opportunity arises, allowing you to exploit openings in the market. Of course, you’re unable to do this with a more traditional approaches such as leaflets or billboard advertisements.

Cost Effective – Promoting your business online doesn’t have to drain your entire marketing budget. Something simple like a sign-up form on your website can steadily increase your mailing list capacity, and sending a blanket email out costs relatively nothing when compared to direct mail. There’s also the opportunity to explore new Social Media channels and see how they work for you, whilst keeping the costs to a minimum.

Targeted Campaigns – Want to reach out to a specific audience online? Social Media is becoming a huge platform for businesses to not only get their brand out there, but also to run targeted campaigns. Platforms such as Facebook allow you to tailor your posts depending on the demographic you’d like to reach. You’re able to choose the age, gender and location of your demographic to target that audience for effective lead generation. The performance of your campaigns can be tracked through either the social media platforms themselves or google analytics.

It is important to note that growing your brand takes a mix of online and offline marketing techniques and utilising them in the right way will aid you to continue to push your business in the right direction.

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