Hiring a new employee vs outsourcing

 Which is the best for your business?

Employing vs outsourcing

When expanding an area of your business, you may need to consider taking on new staff to cover the extra workload. Of course, you could always outsource any extra work that comes your way as opposed to employing a new staff member. Both of these options are viable, and come with their own pros and cons, and whilst every business is unique, our guide should give you some tips and tricks to think about before making that decision.

Employing somebody in-house

Larger companies are more likely to employ somebody to fulfil the tasks at hand. This can be down to those larger companies having a stronger pull in the recruitment market, due to their strong brand and the trust that comes with it.

For smaller businesses, a new employee on a permanent contract may cause them to buy-in-to what you are trying to achieve, and they may be more motivated towards achieving those business goals. A long-serving employee could develop into a highly-regarded and trusted member of the team, and may even develop skills required to train other new employees in the future.

An employee on a full-time contract will better integrate with the team when compared to most contractors, which can improve teamwork amongst your office. Furthermore, you have much greater control over costs incurred on projects. An employee being paid at an hourly rate or salary will cost the same to your business no matter what the project is, whereas outsourced work can result in a higher overall cost, depending on how much work is required, and how often the outsourced services are required.

Should you outsource your project?

You should consider outsourcing if you are unsure if the workstream will continue down the same path after your current project or campaign has come to an end. It is important to ask yourself, will the work required justify hiring someone on a permanent contract?

Searching for the right employee can be a daunting and difficult task, however, finding the right company to outsource your project to is much simpler. You also don’t have to think about things such as annual leave, pension schemes, national insurance and other headaches that come with a new hire. You can also include termination clauses in your contract, allowing you to end the services on a notice period, without having to worry about dismissal laws.

An external company will want to get the job done quickly and efficiently in order to encourage repeat business, and to keep their reputation intact. A successful project for your business will be the ultimate goal for an outsourced contractor, whereas an employee may not always be as motivated to produce results quickly and efficiently, as they will take home their salary at the end of the day regardless of the amount of work completed.

Outsourcing can often result in a lower overall cost when considering a large project. There will be no need to think about things such as a free desk, or if there will be ongoing work to fill your employees contractual hours. A contractor that you hire will likely have specialist experience in the area that you are working on, and can be swapped out for individual projects to ensure that you have a constant stream of expertise on each relevant project.

Our skills

At Honeyburst Marketing, we have a wide skill set, covering multiple categories of marketing and business development. We offer services for one-off projects, as well as longer retainer agreements, moulded to fit your needs. Depending on the work, we can offer regular in-office attendance in order to build a rapport with your staff, and ensure that the project moves forward quickly and efficiently.

Our business is built upon a strong reputation, therefore our ultimate aim is to help you reach your business goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, and save you money at every possible opportunity.

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